Chances are you didn't start your business with extensive design and marketing expertise. This, my friend, is where we come in.
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Step 1. Consulting & Strategy

Measure twice, cut once. We're pros at planning to stay on time, on target and within your budget.

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Before starting any project, we'll get to know you and your business to identify ways we can help.

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Once we've got a handle on everything, we'll create a project outline and establish tailored goals.

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We’ll analyze current market trends and your competition to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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When our solution is ready we’ll give you the pitch, the price and the estimated completion date.

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Give us the green light and we’ll get started! Don’t worry, you’ll be with us every step of the way.

Step 2. Design & Branding

Making you look good is what we do best. Let us obssess about the details so you don't have to.

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Logos & Identity
Web Presence
Vehicle Branding
Public Marketing
Promotional Items
Kitchen Sinks

Step 3. Technology & Simplicity

Make your life easy and cut the clutter. We hate clutter.

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Cloud Connections

No more burning discs or losing USB drives. Keep everything safe, synced and available.

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Maximum Control

You’re the boss! Run your business from any internet device. (Or watch videos of cats)

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Yup, we're nerds

We’ll throw every resource we have at solving problems and keeping you up to date.


  • NightBulbs Logo
  • NightBulbs Facebook Screenshot
  • NightBulbs Flyers
  • NightBulbs Website Screenshot
NightBulbs LLC

Client Needs

NightBulbs hired us to create a new brand to help establish a strong client base within a short period of time. They came to us with an idea and within seven days, the name, slogan, website, business cards, flyers, social networks, copywriting, and mobile device set up were created and implemented.


  • New logo, branding & identity package
  • Marketing and sales copywriting
  • Website design, SEO & Internet placement
  • Business cards, flyers and signature blocks

“From start to finish, this project was completed surpisingly quickly and was EXACTLY what we needed to get started.”

Robert Linehan
NightBulbs LLC Founder

  • Memory Maven Business Cards
  • Memory Maven Logo
  • Memory Maven Flyers and Insert Card
Memory Maven™

Client Needs

Kathleen (the Memory Maven) came to us with an outdated logo, stationery design, and marketing copy. To continue growth in the photo conservation business, she needed a more professional way to communicate with customers, a more engaging design, and a higher ROI for her marketing efforts.


  • New logo, branding & identity package
  • Updated marketing and sales copywriting
  • Facebook and Google Business App Setup
  • Business cards, flyers and insert cards

“I was really impressed with how well (James) listened to my needs and helped organize my ideas.”

Kathleen Murchison
The Memory Maven

  • Rapid Wire Website Screenshot
  • Rapid Wire Website Contact Page
  • Rapid Wire Logo
  • Rapid Wire Identity Package
Rapid Wire LLC

Client Needs

This Colorado drilling company asked us to help increase sales and strengthen their brand recognition. They wanted a new image to reignite their target market and a complete redesign of their website to include an efficient new employee hiring form. Lastly, the staff needed a better way to communicate with each other during long distance projects.


  • New logo, branding & identity package
  • Website redesign, SEO & Internet placement
  • Business cards, stationery, and signature blocks
  • Cloud system establishment & training

“James reinvented our brand overnight ... a week after the new site launched we noticed increased call volume.”

Steve Faria
Rapid Wire LLC CEO

  • Ms. Jane's Place Website Screenshot
  • Ms. Jane's Place Business Cards
  • Ms. Jane's Place Twitter Screenshot
  • Ms. Jane's Place Facebook Screenshot
Ms. Jane's Place™

Client Needs

This Texas start-up came to us in the early stages of their exciting new fitness business model. They needed a strategic website to introduce their business and a professional brand to attract investors, emplyees and future members. They also needed to launch an effective social network platform to start generating public awareness. Finally, they required the ability to track user interaction to help identify engagement and market interest.


  • Logo, branding & business cards
  • Website, SEO & sign-up form
  • Social network design & launch
  • Advanced visitor tracking analytics

“Thank you guys for believing in our product and our mission!”

Kristi Kay Spikes
Ms. Jane's Place Founder

  • Aunt Kay's Kitchen Logo
  • Fadio Logo
  • Beer Run LLC Logo
  • SoftInk Logo
  • Thread 'n' Things Logo
  • Kitty Kingdoms Logo
  • Tom Hariss Fitness Logo
  • Memory Maven Logo
  • Sweet Inspirations Logo
  • Integrity Property Management Logo
  • Shershells Emporium Logo
  • NightBulbs LLC Logo
  • JWR Enterprises LLC Logo
Logo Design

Whether you have an older logo that needs a facelift or we're starting from scratch, we'll work closely with you to create the new face of your business.

Logos created with love include:

  • 9 exported filetypes including vector format
  • Custom cheat sheet to coordinate with third party vendors
  • Custom font files, color schemes, and transfer of rights statement

“It was such a small investment that really set us apart from the other guys...”

Lewis Fernandez
SoftInk President


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