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H&R Services LLC
Logo • Copywriting • Parallax Website • Photoshoot • Infographic • Iconography • Business Cards
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"It's been 3 months since DESIGNLEDGE finished our project and our client list is on track to double within the year.”
Adam West
Founder, H&R Services
H&R Services LLC is a mobile scrap metal recycling business that came to us for help with their website in hopes of attracting new clients and establishing themselves as leaders in the recycling industry.
We started with their brand strategy by creating a new logo, designing custom services icons, and developing a process infographic that simplified their business model.
Next, we brought photographer Shannon Veigel on board for a killer photoshoot.
We enlisted the help of a custom print vendor to create a plastic, mirror finish business card to give the appearance of recycled metal.
Finally, we combined the custom graphics, the marketing copy, the photos, and some ninja code with our special sauce to develop the final website.
Website Services
  • Parallax HTML5 Website
  • Information Architecture
  • Domain Name Research and Hosting Account Setup
  • Website Analytics
  • SEO and Search Engine Submission
  • Browser Optimization
  • Photo Optimization and Compression
  • Custom Service Location Map
  • Visitor Contact and Hiring Form
Design & Marketing Services
  • Logo and Branding Package
  • Design Consultation
  • Photoshoot
  • Marketing Copywriting and Proofreading
  • Business Card Design, Print, and Delivery
  • Google Business Apps Account Setup and Customization
  • Iconography
  • Color Scheme Selection
Total Project Time
5 weeks
Rapid Wire LLC
Logo • Vehicle Marketing • Website • Apparel • Iconography • Business Cards
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“James reinvented our brand overnight ... two weeks after the new site launched our average website visit increased from 11 seconds to nearly 2 minutes.”
Steve Faria
President, Rapid Wire
Rapid Wire LLC is a directional drilling company that needed a brand face-lift for its employees and their fleet of utility vehicles. In addition, they were paying monthly for an ineffective website that wasn’t getting conversion traffic.
As always, we tackled the logo and branding first. After a few hundred sketches, font faces, color variations, and layouts, we arrived at a solid icon that was memorable and professional.
For the employees, we selected a breathable, mesh fabric polo and hat with custom embroidery. The vehicles were outfitted with a combination of adhesive decals and removable magnets.
Before developing the website, we copied content from their old site and contacted their equipment vendors to get professional stock photographs. We drew up the outline, cleaned up the marketing copy, identified crucial selling factors, and stitched everything together.
Website Services
  • HTML5 Website
  • Information Architecture
  • Photo Optimization and Compression
  • Website Analytics
  • SEO and Search Engine Submission
  • Custom Service Location Map
  • Visitor Contact and Hiring Form
  • Browser Optimization
  • Google Maps Placement and Integration
Design & Marketing Services
  • Logo and Branding Package
  • Business Card Design, Print, and Delivery
  • Color Scheme Selection
  • Marketing Copywriting and Proofreading
  • Apparel Design
  • Vehicle Branding Design
Total Project Time
3 weeks
NightBulbs LLC
Logo • Apparel • Website • Flyers • Infographic • Iconography • Copywriting
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“James’ vision and insanely fast execution enabled us to to turn a 250% profit during our first four months in business.”
Robert Linehan
Founder, NightBulbs LLC
NightBulbs LLC was just an idea when they came to us for help. They needed to establish themselves as a credible residential Christmas light business in a matter of weeks before the holiday season began. Two weeks later, we came through with a killer name, a slogan, a website, 3,000 flyers, lawn signs, professional polo shirts, and even a digital iPad contract.
After the name was decided, we started hashing out ideas for the logo. Ultimately, we decided on the crescent moon over the “u” to symbolize both the moon at night and a light bulb.
Before starting the website, we knocked out the flyers, yard signs, and polos so they could be printed and delivered by the deadline.
We constructed a simple, single page website with a focus on collecting consultation data from potential clients and driving search engine traffic.
Finally, we made their entire transaction process paperless by creating a three page iPad contract so the staff could draft and sign proposals in real time. For payments, we integrated the Square™ point of sale system so they could accept credit or debit card payments on site.
Website Services
  • HTML5 Website
  • Information Architecture
  • Browser Optimization
  • Social Network Account Setup
  • Business Name and Domain Purchase
  • Website Analytics
  • SEO and Search Engine Submission
  • Photo Optimization and Compression
Design & Marketing Services
  • Logo and Branding Package
  • Custom Contract with iPad Integration
  • Square™ Mobile Payment Account Setup and Integration
  • Color Scheme Selection
  • Marketing Copywriting and Proofreading
  • Flyer Design, Print, and Delivery
  • Yard Sign Design, Print, and Delivery
  • Apparel Design, Print, and Delivery
Total Project Time
2 weeks
Logos & Branding
Print Design

Chances are you didn't start your business with extensive design and marketing expertise. This, my friend, is where we come in.


& Identity

Marketing &





Logos starting at $480
Your logo is not only your first impression, it's the face of your business and everything it stands for. What's included:
Thorough research combined with your business culture helps us generate the perfect icon to represent your brand.
Custom Font Selection
Fonts are carefully selected and specially tailored to guarantee absolute exclusivity for your logo.
Vector Graphic Design
Graphics using mathematical coordinates enable infinite scalability without reducing image quality.
Tailored Color Scheme
Logos are optimized and exported with full color effects, flat color, and greyscale in multiple file formats.
Custom Brand Guide
Includes measurements, font alphabets, color codes, file descriptions, and overall use guidelines.
It's All Yours
You own the rights to your logo for life! Use it whenever and however you need with absolutely no strings attached.
Websites starting at $1200
Establish credibility, spread your message, upstage the competition, and close sales 24/7. What's included:
Hosting & Domains
Whether you've already established your host and domain or need to start from scratch, we've got your back.
Built from scratch
This is not a template service! Each site is built with care and from scratch to fit the needs of your business.
Search Engine Optimization helps your site attract the right audience and convert visitors to engagement.
Mobile Friendly
Responsive design means your site will adapt to any device or browser without building multiple sites. Try resizing this browser!
Real-time Analytics
Google Analytics provides real-time website analytics delivered straight to your browser or mobile device.
Stationery & Print Services starting at $180
Sometimes the best marketing tool is the simplest. What we can do:
Business Cards
Premium card-stock, spot UV, foiling, raised ink, embossing, plastic cards, rounded corners, and custom cuts.
Full color, double sided premium card-stock flyers with multiple cut / die options in various sizes and finishes.
Full color, double sided tri-fold, z-fold, bi-fold, or barrel fold brochures in various sizes and finishes.
Saddle-stitched, wire-o binding, left or top binding, and custom cover page in various sizes and finishes.
Labels, stickers, envelopes, boxes, bags, tags, folding cartons, or whatever your product needs for delivery.
Everything Else
Chances are, if you can think it, we can do it. If you don't see something you need, call us!
  • Vehicle Marketing
  • Apparel
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Booth Displays
  • Promotional Marketing Items
  • Copywriting
  • Infographic Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Management Systems
  • Information Architecture
  • UX / UI Design
  • Wordpress Blogs & Custom Themes
  • Resume Writing
  • Unlimited Encouragement
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james lacey

Business Dude

Hello! I'm James, the founder and primary string puller behind DESIGNLEDGE. I work directly with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to help maximize their visual image and customer impact.

Cherry Twist by The Crystal Method is hands down my favorite techno song. I grew up on breakbeats, drum'n'bass, and trance and I always appreciate a talented DJ. These days, you can find The M Machine, Skrillex, Grum, Kaskade, Deadmou5, Armando, Tiesto, Pendulum, and anything that goes "boom" in my playlists.

A day on the slopes is one of my favorite ways to bond with my family and burn off stress. Chances are if there's fresh powder in the mountains, you know where to find me.

Though I haven't performed professionally in over a decade, I always try to keep something up my sleeve in case the opportunity arises. I love making genuine connections with people and the art of prestidigitation couldn't be more fitting.

From martial arts to being a dad, staying active and healthy has, and always will be, important to my lifestyle. I don't post lifting memes and pr's on my social streams but that doesn't stop my competitive side from always wanting to succeed.

My wife and my son remind me to always keep life in perspective and that sometimes it's okay to put the work aside and play. Truly listening and engaging with them has helped me understand the value of how far a little effort and sincerity can take a relationship.

I won't try to capture ten years in two sentences but I will say that the lessons I learned throughout my enlistment will stay with me forever. My journey has taken me through being a wilderness survival instructor, aerospace physiologist, aircrew and pilot instructor, centrifuge test subject, base honor guard trainer, pararescue apprentice, and professional recruiter.

My wife was born and raised in Denver and takes full responsibility for the reason I'm a dedicated Broncos fan. If the game is on, there's a good chance we're enjoying a cold one somewhere with friends and family!

Simple, functional, and appealing are the primary design values I strive to portray throughout my work and I feel strongly that most organizations don't utilize this invaluable commodity. With design at the center of my focus, I want to make a meaningful impact on the world one project at a time.

Is it even possible to call yourself a nerd without being a gamer? I grew up on the old school classics and have witnessed each new generation of gaming evolve. Getting lost in a great story line is one of my favorite ways to experience what artists in other art forms are dreaming up.

I owe my love for the great outdoors to my father, a camping guru and zen master. When technology infests my life and overstays its welcome, it's time to throw on the pack and disappear for some much needed reflection and decompression.

  • Professional
  • Techno Lover
  • Skier
  • Magician
  • Exerciser
  • Family Man
  • Air Force Vet
  • Broncos Fan
  • Designer
  • Gamer
  • Backpacker
Initial consultations are always free. Let's chat!
Call or text James (720) 515-0458
DESIGNLEDGE lives in Denver, CO
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